Hope for the Future - School Buddies for 2017-2018


At Project Mexico and St. Innocent’s Orphanage we work tirelessly to provide the best education and learning opportunities for our boys. Our approach is customized to fit each of the boys' individual needs and has resulted in better participation, improved health and confidence. Providing the resources for the continued Spiritual, Mental and Physical health of the boys is at the heart of our mission.

Earlier this year, thirteen-year-old, Moises had expressed a desire to become more physically fit. He wanted to feel better about his body. We discussed several of his ideas for achieving this goal, which included everything from going to the gym to weight lifting to boxing.  Throughout the course of this individualized attention, Moises rediscovered his love of swimming and decided he wanted to join a swim team. After conducting some research, he was excited to report that it would cost $10 a month and that he would need a swimming cap and goggles. Over the last three months on the team, Moises has shown greater initiative with his schoolwork and exhibited greater confidence and a positive self-image.

For a young man who has struggled to find his niche, Moises was able to explore his identity and develop a higher sense of self-worth as a result of his new hobby. Moises demonstrates the positive results of identifying and seeking out ways to promote individual interests.

With a staff of four brilliant and dedicated educators in a small room divided in two, we strive to make the best with what we are provided. The selfless, generous care from Madi, Guillermo and the staff of counselors and cooks, and our dedicated teaching staff Charity, Noelle, Leo, and Miguel proves that if you, “start children on the way they should go and even when they are old, they will not turn from it.” - Proverbs 22:6

We are grateful that the first generation of St. Innocent graduates are headed off to high school. In just three years, these four, bright young men have increased in character, knowledge, and academic ability. We are excited to watch them take advantage of their new adventure in one of Tijuana's renown private high schools.

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