Pantry Partners

Our Pantry Partners program allows our friends and parish communities to collect food items, toiletries, cleaning supplies, school supplies and other materials needed to support the needs of St. Innocent Orphanage. Feeding and caring for our growing boys is hard work and we are grateful that many of you choose to promote and run donation drives to help us keep our pantries fully stocked! Pantry Partners that collect 20 boxes or more will be picked up at your location and shipped to us for free, thanks to a generous nation-wide shipping company. For more information, please download and view our detailed resource packet by clicking the "DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS" button below.

We are currently seeking Pantry Partners. If you are interested in participating, contact our Pantry Partners Coordinator, Lena, at or at 619-426-4610.

Virtual Pantry Partners

For individual Pantry Partner Donations please select:

Alternatively you can fill up the shopping cart from the list of items we need right away. We made it easy and simple - just add items you wish to donate to Project Mexico to your shopping cart and pay at the checkout - your donation receipt will be issued as soon as we process the payment.

We will then use your donation to purchase these items. Thank you again for your support!