Home Building Internships

The Project Mexico Internship Program allows young adults to come and serve others in Mexico. This experience is invaluable and offers tremendous possibilities for growth and spiritual development for people of all ages. During their stay, interns can look forward to:

  • Gaining a cultural awareness by living and working in a different country.
  • Establishing lasting friendships through living, praying and working together.
  • Making a lasting contribution by giving of yourself in service to others.
  • Acquiring professional experience in the field of missionary work.
  • Experiencing a meaningful time of spiritual education, growth and reflection.

Every summer, we invite many young adults to participate in our Home Building program. Their primary role is to guide and facilitate our volunteer groups as they build their homes. These passionate, caring and energetic leaders are very special and they represent shining examples of dedicated service in the eyes of our volunteers. Our summer interns live on the orphanage property, spend time with our boys and they embody all that is special about our commitment of service to others. In order to be invited, our summer interns must be 18 years of age or older, able to commit about 9 weeks of their summer, must have participated in at least one home building event and must pass our screening process. 

We are presently accepting Home Building Internship applications through November 30th. 

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other internship opportunities

Depending on the needs of our organization and available housing, we will invite others to volunteer or to serve as interns. These volunteer opportunities and internships may be specialized or general in skill type, but the experience is always additive and memorable. Internship lengths vary from one month, to three months or even one year. Candidates must have already participated as a volunteer, be over 18 years of age, and pass our screening process.

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