Changing lives through the love of christ

With the labor and prayers of many generous volunteers and donors, a 16 acre horse ranch with a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean, was renovated and transformed into a home for abandoned and abused adolescent boys. St. Innocent Orphanage officially opened its doors to its first boys in 1996.

St. Innocent Orphanage was meant to provide much more than the basic needs offered by other orphanages in Mexico. It was established to provide each boy with a sense of spiritual direction, a public education enhanced by private tutoring, an active program of athletics and extra-curricular activities, and a lasting sense of family and belonging fostered by unconditional love and support from all of the staff and volunteers within our ministry.

All of the boys in St. Innocent Orphanage are considered orphans because they were removed from their home by social services, they ran away from home due to an abusive situation or their parents are deceased or imprisoned. St. Innocent Orphanage is not a foster care facility, so when we accept one of these special boys into our home, we do so with the knowledge that they will be with us until they are grown men.
Because of the substantial number of orphaned children in Mexico, the inadequate state and capacity of municipal and city orphanages, and the need to prioritize available resources for the care of younger children, these adolescent and teenage boys become marginalized and are left to care for themselves on the streets. If not for the existence of St. Innocent Orphanage, these boys would eventually be drawn into a violent life of drug trafficking, prostitution and other criminal activity.