Graduation Announcement July 2017

Our Boys Are Growing Up!

Paul graduated from high school with high marks and has been accepted to Universidad
Autonoma de Baja California
. He will begin classes majoring in History and has expressed
a passion and desire to teach and write historical texts. We are proud of Paul's dedication to school and ability to enter into this prestigious public university. He has excelled in other areas as well, working at the local movie theater!

Ignacio, Efrain, Anselmo, and Kevin represent our first generation of homeschool graduates! They worked hard over the past three years, increasing their knowledge and maturing into responsible and engaged students. Ignacio, Anselmo, and Efrain are headed to Ibero, a prestigious private Jesuit high schools in Tijuana.

Kevin, on the other hand, will be attending Altazor, a private high school dedicated to teaching the visual arts. A gifted photographer with an excellent eye, this is a great step forward for Kevin as he continues to develop as an artist and visual storyteller.

"Birds" by Kevin

"Birds" by Kevin

One of our younger boys, Valentin graduated sixth grade! This earnest young man has overcome daunting obstacles with grace and perseverance. We are pleased and proud to announce Valentin will be entering the St. Innocent Homeschool Program, blessing our dedicated teachers with his pleasant and loving demeanor.

Graduationsare always a time for celebration as it reminds us that change and
forward progress is possible. We are grateful to our teacher's Charity, Leo and Noelle. They have worked so hard to ensure that our boys receive the guidance necessary to accomplish their goals.

We are grateful to our donors and their continued support for our School Buddies program. Each note of encouragement, prayer and generous donation ensures our boys have the opportunity to attend school and keeps our middle school teachers doing the great work they do so our other boys can succeed as well. 

To support our orphans through our School Buddies program, you can make a tax-deductible donation today!