Saint Innocent's Orphanage Beautification - Spring Build 2017

Spring break sounded different this year.

A symphony of hammers, drills and concrete mixing provided the soundtrack to our Spring Break homebuilding groups as they worked to erect our new volunteer housing units at the Ranch in Baja. We were encouraged and humbled by the participation of both the Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF) Real Break and Hellenic College and Holy Cross members who gave graciously of their time to help in the construction of new housing units.

New housing will foster continued growth and expansion of our ministry to individuals throughout the United States and Canada who live their faith through service.  Everyone who resides at the orphanage was uplifted by the wave of enthusiasm and spiritual energy the OCF Real Breakers and HCHC group brought. They worked four long days to prepare and stucco one building as well as build and erect the walls of the second building before pouring the foundation.

We thank God for our wonderful volunteers who come to support our ministry through works of mercy that rejuvenate the spirit.  

Our deepest gratitude to those who continue to support our ministry through service, donations, and prayer.

Worktrip Coordinator Erik Swanson is busy driving around the “colonias” of Tijuana meeting families and interviewing applicants for Summer Homebuilding 2017.

We are all getting excited about summer homebuilding and preparations are in full swing for our first group arriving on May 25.

If you wish to waitlist as an individual or as a group please keep in mind that your balance of $540 per person will be due by April 30, 2017.

We have several openings in the homebuilding schedule and want to open up invitations to register for summer homebuilding through our waitlist.

The Summer Homebuilding Dates and Availability are: 

  • May 25-May 31 [20 Available]
  • June 7-June 13 [10 Available] 
  • June 16-June 22 [20 Available] 
  • August 2-August 8 [5 Available] 
  • August 16-August 22 [8 Available]  

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