School Buddies

In northern Mexico, the average citizen has an 8th grade education level and the quality of that education is drastically lower than one received in the United States. The long-term success and happiness of our young boys hinges on the education that we can provide them. With the help of our School Buddies program, we are able to provide a quality high school education and possibly college, for those who choose to pursue a degree. In addition to their basic educational needs, our program offers the boys daily tutoring from our educational staff who coach them in subjects where they are struggling.

Individuals, small groups or parishes can sign up to sponsor any one of our boys’ education and once they do, they will receive updates on his progress throughout the school year. Various sponsorship level commitments pay for school uniforms and shoes, school supplies and materials, books, special school assessment fees, educational staff and transportation.


We are still in need of sponsors for the school year. If you are interested in becoming a School Buddies Sponsor, please contact our office at 619-426-4610.