Frequently Asked Questions

How many boys do you have?

Currently, we have 22 boys in our program. We’re working to expand our facilities so that we can eventually care for up to 30 boys or more at a time.

Where do the boys come from?

The boys are brought to the orphanage through the Mexican Social Services program. All of the boys who come to live at the orphanage are truly orphaned, which means that they have been completely abandoned by their family without possibility of reunion.

What are the ages of the boys?

The ages of our boys can range between 10 and 22 years old.

How long will they live with you?

Because of the unique difficulties created by the abuse in the boys’ pasts, we do not use age as a determining factor for how long they can stay with us. As long as one of our boys is enrolled in an educational program, including college, and functioning well within the guidelines of our program, we will continue to care for him.

Do they go to school?

Yes. The boys attend public schools in our local area.

Do you provide additional educational services?

Yes. We have a very comprehensive educational support system at the orphanage which includes a classroom with computers, a library, tutors, and psychological assistance. We do not run our own school, however, because it is important for the boys’ social development that they interact with others away from the orphanage in an educational setting.

Do the boys learn English?

The boys are encouraged, but not forced, to learn English, but we do recognize the incredible value of being bilingual in a border city. The boys study English in school, just as we in the U.S. might study Spanish or French. Other options are available for those who desire to learn more, e.g. computer software, workbooks, volunteer English tutors, etc.

How many people are on the orphanage staff?

The orphanage staff is approximately 19 people. This includes supervisors, support staff, educators and counselors who care for the daily needs of the boys.

Can I come to volunteer at the orphanage?

While we welcome others to support our Home Building program and to support small projects on the orphanage property, we refrain from allowing visitors direct involvement in our orphanage program. This is necessary to provide a stable, loving and healthy environment for our boys which is so important for their natural development. There are also several logistics, staffing and training challenges that make volunteering at the orphanage very difficult.