Homebuilding by Erik and Rebekah Swanson

Since registration for summer homebuilding opened on November 1, 2017 we have been busy making plans and lining up the months for another successful summer program. Summer 2018 is going to sneak up on all of us and it feels that much closer as we hear from our volunteers who are busy gathering their teams to make the trek down this summer to serve with us.

Something we love to do in the less busy fall months is to visit families we have built homes for in the past by checking in and making sure everything is going well in their new home. The families we visited were Maribel and Graciano who received a home built by the volunteers of Holy Trinity from Overland Park, Kansas in July, 2017.

Maribel told us of a miracle that transpired on Christmas Eve, 2016. She had recently become a Christian and had formed connections with an evangelical church in the area. The family was struggling to make ends meet. Graciano had begun training as a welder but they didn’t have enough money to put dinner on the table that evening. She prayed that God would provide for their family. That evening, several men from the church appeared at their door with soup and gifts for the children. She said, “If you trust in God no challenge is too great.”

We look forward to meeting the families we will build for this coming summer!

We’re also hosting two Spring Break trips for college age students May 9-15 and May 19-24. Contact us at homebuilding@projectmexico.org if you are interested in registering for Spring Break!