Opportunities for Expanding Hope


As we move through the end of these cold winter days and towards the promise of spring, hope and light open the opportunity for expanding our outreach to families in the commu­nity in honor of our 30th Homebuilding season. Opportunity guides our efforts into the home building season as we expand our outreach to the poor, providing new opportunities for families through Painting Hope and Panel Jambo­rees.

These are ways to expand our volunteer engagement throughout the year. Over spring break we welcomed two groups from churches, Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF) and Holy Cross Hellenic College. They worked to beautify our Ranch and prepare paint and panels for our summer builds. Volunteers for Painting Hope will produce lime and lime paint to beautify the neighborhoods.

This summer, while we build homes for one family, we will be painting neighbors' houses in the vicinity! Volunteers in the Panel Jamboree will construct the panels we use to build our homes in the summer! We will also be applying a colored layer of plaster to the west wall of our Pavilion in preparation for our Project Mexico History Mural which will feature a sgraffito (a form of decoration made by scratching through a surface to reveal a lower layer of a contrasting color, typically done in plaster or stucco on walls, or in slip on ceramics before firing) displaying our story! We will also paint the boys' rooms and other structures on site and repair and renew the Ranch in preparation for the summer and fall programs!

This will provide three critical needs: panel fabrication for Project Mexico's home building season; teach trade skills to our boys and volunteers; create an additional source of monetary support for our programs.

This year, we are planting seeds for a stronger Faithful Friends program.

Join today and receive a Mexican Komboskini Wrist Prayer Rope! Funding and resources for our boys is our top priority as they grow and eventually transition into adulthood and independence.