Internships Open for 2018 - Apply Today



Without the hard work of Interns each year, Project Mexico would not be able to continue our summer Home Building Program. Interns are a critical part of a community and for that, we thank God for you. People who are willing to give a summer of their time in serving others are the type of people who truly make a positive impact in the world. 

Every summer we witness a beautiful process of growth and learning. Week by week, groups of volunteers travel to build a home for a needy family and leave changed and inspired by their experience. Your main role as a Home Building Intern would be to make that experience smooth, productive and meaningful for these volunteers. 

As an intern your responsibilities may include guiding volunteers in how to build a home, cleaning bathrooms, reaching out and connecting with young mission-minded youth.

We believe and thrive in a healthy balance of hard work and recovery. 

This includes beach days, taco runs and time with our boys who live at the orphanage.  


*           Length of Internship: 1-3 Months

*           Where: Saint Innocent Orphanage, Tijuana, Mexico

*           When: Summer 2018 homebuilding season (May-August) 

*           Develop Leadership skills, Construction skills, and Spanish

*           Meet Like-Minded Orthodox Christians

*           Learn Construction Techniques 

*           Experience Mission-Based Service

*           Lead Volunteer Groups in Construction

*           Facilitate Volunteers on Site at Project Mexico

*           Become an Ambassador of Hope


Applicants will need to: 

*           Fundraise to Cover Expenses

*           Practice Spanish Skills 

*           Prepare Spiritually for the Mission Field

*           Arrive with an Attitude of Service and Cultural Respect

*           Love as Christ Loves Us

Application Due November 30, 2017.