Thank You Leadership 100!


Glory be to God, our Home Building season has been a great success so far and we especially want to recognize Leadership 100. Through a generous grant, we have been able to award, on their behalf, 80 Home Building Scholarships to volunteers from more than 22 parishes across the United States and Canada who are joining us this summer. As a very special bonus, 22 of those scholarships were awarded to students from Hellenic College Holy Cross who helped us build a home during Spring Break.

This Leadership 100 grant has also allowed us to make notable improvements in our Home Building Program and better support the amazing staff and interns that make this ministry of hope possible. Thanks to Leadership 100, we will continue to strengthen our mission and those who take up their cross to serve the needy in Mexico.

This year, we will welcome over 550 Home Building volunteers into Mexico which is an amazing accomplishment for us and we recognize that we can do nothing without the help of organizations just like Leadership 100. We are immensely grateful for their trust and confidence in awarding this grant and we hope to do great things in the future together.

Please visit their website at and learn about this great organization.