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HB1: June 6 - June 12 HB2: June 15 - June 21 HB3: June 27 - July 3 HB4: July 6 - July 12 HB5: July 18 - July 24 HB6: July 27 - August 2 (OCMC) HB7: August 8 - August 14 HB8: August 17 - August 23
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OCMC, Orthodox Christian Mission Center, www.ocmc.org will be Building a Home for Missions with us during Week 6. Please join us for specialized OCMC directed talks and programs during this exciting week and learn what it means to be an international missionary as we answer the call of the Great Commission!

$20 per person Registration Fee will reserve your spots for the selected date of the trip. Once payment is made we will contact you with the details of the trip, payment options and, if needed, create a fundraising campaign for you.

Trip cost is $600 + $20 Registration Fee

As a Group Leader you shall pay Registration Fee for your whole group (enter needed spots in "quantity box" - change "1" to desired number).

If your group has more participants than what is still available for the desired week - reserve what is left and give us a call at (619) 426-4610 and we will help!

If there are no available spots for the desired week and/or other week that will work for you 
 - add your contact info to the Waiting List (below). 

Once the payment is made we will contact you with the details for your group.

If you are NOT a Group Leader and/or do not have a group you are a part of, please put your name/email on the Waiting List (scroll down) and we will contact you with the available options.

HB 2018 Waiting List

You will be able to specify desired weeks, once added to the Waiting List.

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