Annual Matching Grant

Giving Tuesday

Your contribution supports the education, housing and spiritual life of our boys at St Innocent Orphanage. Additionally, your generosity continues our dedication to youth outreach through building homes for the poor of Mexico.

With your help on Giving Tuesday and through the month of December, we hope to successfully reach our goal of $600,000.

Your donation(s) help feed, house, cloth and educate the orphan boys of St Innocent Orphanage, provide critical resources for learning, spiritual guidance and healing and fund home building initiatives for the homeless of Tijuana, Mexico.

Project Mexico is a 501(c)3 tax exempt non-profit organization that performs works of mercy in the name of Jesus Christ, building homes for the poor in Mexico and by providing education and shelter for orphaned boys through St. Innocent Orphanage.

Tax Exemption number 33-0521448