Internships Open for 2018 - Apply Today



Without the hard work of Interns each year, Project Mexico would not be able to continue our summer Home Building Program. Interns are a critical part of a community and for that, we thank God for you. People who are willing to give a summer of their time in serving others are the type of people who truly make a positive impact in the world. 

Every summer we witness a beautiful process of growth and learning. Week by week, groups of volunteers travel to build a home for a needy family and leave changed and inspired by their experience. Your main role as a Home Building Intern would be to make that experience smooth, productive and meaningful for these volunteers. 

As an intern your responsibilities may include guiding volunteers in how to build a home, cleaning bathrooms, reaching out and connecting with young mission-minded youth.

We believe and thrive in a healthy balance of hard work and recovery. 

This includes beach days, taco runs and time with our boys who live at the orphanage.  


*           Length of Internship: 1-3 Months

*           Where: Saint Innocent Orphanage, Tijuana, Mexico

*           When: Summer 2018 homebuilding season (May-August) 

*           Develop Leadership skills, Construction skills, and Spanish

*           Meet Like-Minded Orthodox Christians

*           Learn Construction Techniques 

*           Experience Mission-Based Service

*           Lead Volunteer Groups in Construction

*           Facilitate Volunteers on Site at Project Mexico

*           Become an Ambassador of Hope


Applicants will need to: 

*           Fundraise to Cover Expenses

*           Practice Spanish Skills 

*           Prepare Spiritually for the Mission Field

*           Arrive with an Attitude of Service and Cultural Respect

*           Love as Christ Loves Us

Application Due November 30, 2017. 

Celebrate St. Innocent Day Sun. Oct. 8th 2017


With your support we can continue our ministry, providing hope for our boys and for families in Mexico. 

Blessed feast of St. Innocent of Alaska! Born in the village of Anginsk, Russia, he was the Apostle of America and Siberia, proclaiming the Gospel abroad like Psalm 19:4, "Their sound went into all the earth, and their word unto the ends of the world."

To celebrate Saint Innocent's blessed feast day, we ask your participation in this nationwide fundraiser! 

There are three ways to get involved: 

  1. Give Today by donating in the offering tray passed specifically for Saint Innocent Orphanage and mail offerings directly to: 

    ATTN: St. Innocent Day 2017
    Project Mexico & St. Innocent Orphanage
    P.O. Box 120028, Chula Vista, CA 91912

  2. Donate ONLINE at
  3. Download this Printable St. Innocent Day flier for your distribution at your Parish.

Painting Hope

When we think of paint, what comes to mind?

For many, we think about someone, an artist perhaps, sitting comfortably in the process of depicting a colorful picture with vibrant colors or using a specific color to paint a certain room in a house.

But, what do these images have in common?

Both reveal that it is a preference to some people to reveal their own uniqueness through their color choice or what they are composing on a canvas; a method of expression.

That is exactly what Project Mexico reveals through the use of lime whitewash used to finish families’ homes around Tijuana built by our generous volunteers. Through our work with Project Mexico, we bring to light our uniqueness.

The lime wash is not just a color but it is a symbol of hope. Project Mexico is an organization that was built on hope and when we finish a home with lime paint, it tells a story.

A story, experience, and communion with humanity shared by those who worked long hours on the home to provide shelter for a family in need.

Each time we pass by a white, lime-washed home built by volunteers and missionaries through Project Mexico, it instantly uncovers a story of hope and a symbol of love and strength.

It reminds us who we are as an organization and what we stand for.

By Emilia Gimmaka

Graduation Announcement July 2017

Our Boys Are Growing Up!

Paul graduated from high school with high marks and has been accepted to Universidad
Autonoma de Baja California
. He will begin classes majoring in History and has expressed
a passion and desire to teach and write historical texts. We are proud of Paul's dedication to school and ability to enter into this prestigious public university. He has excelled in other areas as well, working at the local movie theater!

Ignacio, Efrain, Anselmo, and Kevin represent our first generation of homeschool graduates! They worked hard over the past three years, increasing their knowledge and maturing into responsible and engaged students. Ignacio, Anselmo, and Efrain are headed to Ibero, a prestigious private Jesuit high schools in Tijuana.

Kevin, on the other hand, will be attending Altazor, a private high school dedicated to teaching the visual arts. A gifted photographer with an excellent eye, this is a great step forward for Kevin as he continues to develop as an artist and visual storyteller.

 "Birds" by Kevin

"Birds" by Kevin

One of our younger boys, Valentin graduated sixth grade! This earnest young man has overcome daunting obstacles with grace and perseverance. We are pleased and proud to announce Valentin will be entering the St. Innocent Homeschool Program, blessing our dedicated teachers with his pleasant and loving demeanor.

Graduationsare always a time for celebration as it reminds us that change and
forward progress is possible. We are grateful to our teacher's Charity, Leo and Noelle. They have worked so hard to ensure that our boys receive the guidance necessary to accomplish their goals.

We are grateful to our donors and their continued support for our School Buddies program. Each note of encouragement, prayer and generous donation ensures our boys have the opportunity to attend school and keeps our middle school teachers doing the great work they do so our other boys can succeed as well. 

To support our orphans through our School Buddies program, you can make a tax-deductible donation today!




Saint Innocent's Orphanage Beautification - Spring Build 2017

Saint Innocent's Orphanage Beautification - Spring Build 2017

Spring break sounded different this year.

A symphony of hammers, drills and concrete mixing provided the soundtrack to our Spring Break homebuilding groups as they worked to erect our new volunteer housing units at the Ranch in Baja.