Pantry Partners

Our Pantry Partners program allows our friends and parish communities to collect food items, toiletries, cleaning supplies, school supplies and other materials needed to support the needs of St. Innocent Orphanage. Feeding and caring for our growing boys is hard work and we are grateful that many of you choose to promote and run donation drives to help us keep our pantries fully stocked! Pantry Partners that collect 20 boxes or more will be picked up at your location and shipped to us for free, thanks to a generous nation-wide shipping company. For more information, please download and view our detailed resource packet by clicking the "Get Started" button below.

School Buddies

In northern Mexico, the average citizen has an 8th grade education level and the quality of that education is drastically lower than one received in the United States. The long-term success and happiness of our young boys hinges on the education that we can provide them. With the help of our School Buddies program, we are able to provide a quality high school education and possibly college, for those who choose to pursue a degree. In addition to their basic educational needs, our program offers the boys daily tutoring from our educational staff who coach them in subjects where they are struggling.

Individuals, small groups or parishes can sign up to sponsor any one of our boys’ education and once they do, they will receive updates on his progress throughout the school year. A sponsorship commitment of $1,500 (USD) per boy pays for school uniforms and shoes, school supplies and materials, books, special school assessment fees, educational staff and transportation. For more information, please download and view our information packet by clicking on the button below.

Santa's Helpers

Every year, we work very hard to provide a joyous Christmas celebration for our boys! It is also a time where all of our boys are allowed to ask for one or two gifts of their choosing. We are only able to do this through the generous donations of our Santa's Helpers, who bring a smile to the faces of our boys year after year with the gifts that they collect for us. 

Each year in early October, every interested Santa's Helper receives a list containing information on each boy including needed clothing and sizes as well as individual special wish items. Santa's Helpers then commit to obtaining the items on the list until all the gifts are accounted for. The list is available several months before Christmas so that there is plenty of time for Santa's Helpers to collect the gifts and ship them to our office, so that we can have them ready for Christmas morning.


The Project Mexico Internship Program allows young adults to come and serve others in Mexico. This experience is invaluable and offers tremendous possibilities for growth and spiritual development for people of all ages. During their stay, interns can look forward to:

  • Gaining a cultural awareness by living and working in a different country.
  • Establishing lasting friendships through living, praying and working together.
  • Making a lasting contribution by giving of yourself in service to others.
  • Acquiring professional experience in the field of missionary work.
  • Experiencing a meaningful time of spiritual education, growth and reflection.

home building internships

Every summer, we invite many young adults to participate in our Home Building program. Their primary role is to guide and facilitate our volunteer groups as they build their homes. These passionate, caring and energetic leaders are very special and they represent shining examples of dedicated service in the eyes of our volunteers. Our summer interns live on the orphanage property, spend time with our boys and they embody all that is special about our commitment of service to others. In order to be invited, our summer interns must be 18 years of age or older, able to commit about 9 weeks of their summer, must have participated in at least one home building event and must pass our screening process.


other internship opportunities

Depending on the needs of our organization and available housing, we will invite others to serve as interns. These internships may be specialized or general in skill type, but the experience is always additive and memorable. Internship lengths vary from one month, to three months or even one year. Candidates must have already participated as a volunteer, be over 18 years of age, and pass our screening process.

At this time, there are no other internship opportunities available. Please check back later.

Day Trips

If you are unable to participate in one of our summer Home Building weeks, we invite you and your friends to visit St. Innocent Orphanage for one day. During one of our Day Trips, you will participate in a service project at the orphanage, meet new friends, learn about our ministry and share a meal with our staff and boys. Our Day Trips are a great way to learn about a new culture and our call to serve those most in need. Our list of scheduled Day Trips is provided below.

January 16, 2016
February 20, 2016
April 16, 2016
May 14, 2016

Prayer Team

By joining our prayer team, you are offering to keep us in your prayers regularly. Every three months, you will receive a prayer card with a list of specific petitions for which we need your prayers. Your prayers are especially important as our dedicated staff and volunteers work diligently to change the lives of so many in the name of Christ.

Prayer Requests

Add your name and the names of your loved ones to the daily prayer list at St. Innocent Chapel. Your name will remain on our prayer list for one month.